Smooth as Glass 

Take the smoothest ride of your life on these marvelous horses. Having raised and trained Paso Fino horse for over 29 years, I relate to you from personal experience, the fantastic gait and personality of these majestic horses. The Paso Fino is a versatile horse, being as comfortable in the show ring as on a trail ride deep into the forest. Their willingness to please you goes beyond that of any other breed of horse I have had the pleasure of working with. The quality of the ride is even further enhanced by the smooth 4 beat lateral gait which is unique to this breed of horse. 

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"Paso Fino" 
by Wendy Spring 

"The American Paso Fino" 
by George LaHood Jr and 
Rosalie MacWilliam 

"The Colombian Paso Fino Hores" 
by Jaime Mejia Escobar and 
Camilo de Francisco Saavedra 

"The Paso Fino Horse" 
by Dr. Jose M.Laracuenta 

"Horse Sense in Training" 
by Rick Meyer and 
Winona Walton 


Paso Fino Horse Association   

Conquistador online (magazine)    



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