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My name is Karen (alias barefoot warrior) . I was born May 6, 1953 and  own/manage a small "healing" farm in southwestern Maine.
My 6 1/2-acre farm consists of a menagerie of critters.

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My life consists of a delicate balance between the children and creatures of the earth that God presents in my path. I was a foster parent for over 15 years, the last 4 were in a therapeutic "label" setting (I took in teen boys from our juvenile penal system - to help them get ready to rejoin society as we know it), I am single parent of two wonderful boys (both of whom were home births) - Clayton, (born in March 1986 and who has insisted, since he could express himself, he is "taking over the farm" when I can no longer do it myself) and Jason, (born June of 1980; who is the daddy, as of December 1997 of a beautiful baby boy named Ezra and another named Jacob, born August 2001), surrogate grammie of Elijah, (born in March of 1993), and second Mom to many of the kids living in town (I volunteered at our local teen center until it closed down due to town apathy), some of which have lived here at various times because they need a "safe" place to be (local police officers have even been known to "drop" off teens here at midnight or later, as a safe haven for them). 

I teach Sunday school at our local Methodist Church and was elected as its Treasurer in February 1999. I have a commercial sewing machine and do custom design and manufacturing of stitched items under the name of "OFF THE WALL". I created an item that LL. Bean's sold. I love to do crafty things, knitting, crocheting, making dream catchers to give away, peyote stitching on crystals, and so on. I have a class 2 driver's license I "earned" while working in an apple orchard for 8 years when Jason was young. I went back to work when he was 2 1/2 weeks of age and he went with me everyday to the orchard. I also learned to operate most heavy equipment. I was Executive Director and riding instructor of a therapeutic riding program for 6 years, using my Paso Fino horses here on my farm until it closed due to lack of volunteers. I have been a licensed (state and Federal) wildlife rehabilitator for over 25 years. I have been presented with the following awards: "1990 Volunteer Award for Outstanding Contributions to Community Service" (national recognition), "News 8 New England Person of the Week" for March 4th, 1994 (being selected by the Bridgton's townspeople), "Certificate of Recognition" presented by The People's Regional Opportunity Program in October1994, and I was also a nominee for the Jefferson Award in 1992. 

I am a freelance writer, having numerous articles published and I have a good portion of a manuscript finished but need to find a few spare seconds to complete it and send it out for publication. Samples of my writing can be found here. I taught myself HTML coding and made my own website. I also design and maintain a few other websites.

I am the caretaker of Mookie, an incorrigible, hyperactive 6 yr. brown capuchin (Cebus apella) who graces our home with his presence. We visited group and nursing homes (doing animal-assisted activities) and did school presentations (kindergarten through college) when he was younger. Milo, an 8 yr. brown capuchin (Cebus apella) joined our family as a companion for Mookie several years ago. You can see and read more about Mookie and Milo in the Primate section of this website.
I am a Taurus of the zodiac sign, I also have angels as well powerful animal totems (Hawk - the messenger, Elk - for stamina, Grouse - the Sacred Spiral of personal power, Bat - symbolizing rebirth and Showmanship Death, Wolf - the teacher, Butterfly - transformation, and Lizard - for dreaming on the shadow side of reality) that support all the things that I do. My birth animal totem is the Beaver of Earth influence (the Growing Time). 

I have to say in closing...I am on a spiritual journey to perfection and believe I have a very old soul that just keeps coming back ' cuz it is a glutton for punishment!!! I feel I am one of the most blessed people that has ever lived!!! I love all that I do and hope that what I do is an inspiration to others that they too can share their gifts with the world. If I had only one wish it would be for everyone to realize they each have been given gifts and the best way to enjoy these gifts is to share them with others!!! 

One of my adult philosophies in life is: "I love kids and critters and tolerate most adults." 
The other important one is: "A hundred years from now, it will not matter the sort of house I live in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove....but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child or one of God's creatures on this earth." Adapted from "Within My Power" by Dr. Forest E. Wilcraft."

Walk in Peace,

Winter in Maine

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