Deep within the abyss of your mind, hidden away in the recesses of your memory are many fine details of life which, due to the constraints of our society’s sheltered viewpoints, are aching to cast off that cloak of darkness and bring forth the brightness of enlightenment, where it so rightly belongs.

Traveling within the paths of this place of peace and tranquility you may discover that unique quality within each one of us crying out to be released. Open your mind with your eyes, ears, and soul to fully partake of what is here being offered, you need only to accept. The journeys are yours alone to decide which to take.

walking barefoot


OFF THE WALL is a creation spawned by a need to express creativity, artistic ability, inventiveness, uniqueness, and originality while providing a service to and for others in the process. It began in a humble abode, nestled in a small valley next to a babbling brook, located on the outskirts of the sometimes cantankerous town of Bridgton, Maine.

One original item, The KeyPer,  is still being offered to the general public for a fraction of its worth. Don't delay in acquiring one of these priceless gems, they may become collector's items before the next century. To check out this incredible item, check out the path to the "Treasure of Goodies" below.

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Web Site Design, Maintenance & Hosting
Graphic Design
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Freelance Writing
Angora Rabbits and Fiber
Handcrafted Items available
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