And I 

And I have passed a deep climax in my life 
And I will survive 
And I will fight to go on living 
And I will conquer more easily that which is to come 
And I can stop the world 
And I will never do it 
And I know why 
And I am learning all there is to learn (that matters) 
And I will remember and never forget it 
And I am finally reaching the unreachable 
And I am touching the untouchable 
And I speak the unspeakable 
And I am loving the unloved 
And I am hearing the soundless 
And I can see the invisible 
And I am treading the unwalkable 
And I am destroying the invincible 
And I am shouting the whispers 
And I am living to die 
And I am teaching the unteachable 
And I am crying no tears 
And I am smiling the grimness away 
And I am laughing at the unlaughable 
And I am enjoying life 
The unenjoyable? 

Copyright by barefoot warrior


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