From the bowels of the earth it steadily arose 
A force so dark that it blocked the bright sun 
I almost succumbed to the enveloping blackness 
Until faith gave me the energy and strength to run. 

The depth of despair, a bottomless pit 
The thick of the fog, making me want to quit 
The light in my soul almost going fully out 
The prayers of my friends, in my ears they did shout. 

It sought to destroy me, once and for all 
Came at me from deep, dark, far and wide 
Sought to torment the faith deep within 
I felt the nails raking and slashing my hide. 

The heat of its breath, hot in my brain 
Sizzling and searing, causing me pain 
Gnawing quite slowly, inch by small inch 
Each tiny bite making me flinch. 

It came at me not once, but again and again 
Strove to destroy me, with whatever it took 
It knew I had faith and that drove it insane 
Made it tremble with weakness and it shook. 

Once almost successful in its evil quest 
Til it had me completely, it could never rest 
What a soldier Iíd make for the darkest of sin 
If only it could figure out how exactly to get in. 

It got to my brain, took what it could 
Before it took all, God intervened 
Sent me kind people with love in their hearts 
Bringing me pure energy, faithful and clean. 

I rebuked the darkness, evil and hate 
I knew it was not to be part of my fate 
The small light within me, began to glow bright 
I regained myself , my hawk again taking flight. 

I arose to the sounds of Heaven in song 
The power within me restored and made whole 
The trials now before me no longer had merit 
Faith was the saving of my poor wretched soul. 

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sounds 
My energy began to grow in great bounds 
Each war that is fought with the devilís harsh grin 
Made me stronger, not weaker, for combat again. 

The darkness is broken with shafts of pure light 
The wrongs will be righted when the time comes 
The evil will destroy but only itself with great force 
We who have faith will never succumb. 

So, bring on your warriors, your spawn of damned hell 
Youíll never take me quietly, Iíll kick and Iíll yell 
The evil that seeks to invade and destroy 
Nothing will work, no immoral ploy. 

The harder the battle, the more I will gain 
I look on this trial with pure strong disdain 
The tougher the problems, the stronger my faith 
So go back to that hole with your dark shame. 

Barefoot Warrior is back from the grace of His glory 
To relate to you of this incredible true story 
So when times are bad, and things donít look good 
Be reminded of me and where I had stood. 
The truth, be it known will always shine through 
It only takes faith and the entirety of YOU! 

Copyright by barefoot warrior


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