Inner Sun 

Wake up, wake up, the sun is shining bright upon my face 
Lifting it up to catch every warm ray of golden wonder 
Keeping my dreams inside for only those beams of joy 
May break through the gloomy shield 
Touched only by their sympathetic ignorance 
Knowing not of what is to come or has been 
Knowing only of the beautiful present, the glorious present, 
That too few people slow down enough to enjoy 
And bask in its delight 
Reluctant to leave these moments of joy 
I must rise and shine myself 
For the beams of sun must now radiate from me 
To others less fortunate to not realize 
The happiness of loving sunshine 

This is my task........ 

To penetrate otherís gloomy shields 
To open their huge oaken doors 
Shut for so many years 
Now needing to be aired and cleaned 
I must cast off their shackles 
For they know not how 

But the sun is slowly sinking 
I must work so fast 
No time for rest 
A moment here, fleeting by 
It goes only too fast to recapture it 

Copyright by barefoot warrior


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