Dec 1997
Letter to My Gram 

Dear Gram, 
It is time for me to sit myself down and share my many thoughts with you. I have loved you since I was a child and, as I have grown, I have admired you as a fine, strong woman. I am proud to say you are my Gram!! 

As the years have passed and I have grown from a small innocent child to the woman I have become, you have been an inspiration in my life. Your powerful, positive energy, your wit, your eloquence with words, your persistence in making places in your world better are all a strength I perceive as one I have attempted to emulate. I still have the poems you wrote for me as a baby and I cherish them. I hope my writing will develop to be as creative as your words. 

I know I have not been an integral part of your everyday life but I do want you to know that I think about you almost daily and hope that my thoughts traverse the miles to caress your heart from me. I credit my strength to our powerful heritage of women who found the need to survive as single women in a manís controlling world. I give thanks to God for blessing me with the family I have been born to. You have been an inspiration to many, Gram, and I feel it is important that you be made aware of how many people, myself included, see you as a positive role model. 

Soon, there will be born another child into our family. Jason and Harmony will be bringing a new life into this world any moment now and this child will be told of his "Great Great Gramma" as he grows and discovers the wonders around him. Our family being one of those wonders. Jason and Harmony will be 
bringing him to visit you as soon as they are able to travel, so he too may be touched by your loving arms. I will never forget those "luciously comfortable pillows" you were always so gracious to share with us as we slept on your lap. Not only have I been blessed with your way with words but my "chest" has followed your suit in the way a "gramma" should be built to cuddle a child!!! 
*Big Smile* 

Memories of jars filled with yummy candies, pretty plates lining the walls, delectable smells penetrating the stuffiest of noses at meal times, admonitions accompanied by a hug and a smile will all be carried in my mind forever. The farmhouse, which is a part of you Gram and a part of me, is be a lasting memory that will never be lost. Jackwax, coconut macaroons, popcorn popped over the stove in a metal box held by its long handle, pie crust cinnamon rolls, chocolate pie are but a few of the activities that I am passing on to my children from my "Gram", lest they be lost forever. The smiles I see on my childrenís faces must be the same smiles you saw on our faces as the maple syrup formed a string over the heating pot, waiting to be ready enough to be poured over freshly fallen snow gathered in that large welcoming bowl. 

The Christmas villages, the trinkets in the cabinets, making open face sandwiches with Grandpa for "parties" all are carried with joy in my soul. Gathering items in the woods for our "Winter Gardens", running to you to announce the arrival of a new calf in the pasture, and the list goes on and on............... 

The week long summer vacations to Maine, where my love of the state became so strong, that I claimed as a child I would make it my home, and I succeeded. Drawing me away from you all, but being so dear to me in my heart that I love this place I call home. It saddens me I am now so far from you Gram but I love where I live and I love what I do here and I really like the person I have become. I feel all these things I have written are something I need to express to you. I know you probably already know all of this but I wanted to write it down for you to read from me. 

In closing, tho there is so much more than words can ever express, the most important thing I want to say is ......... "I love you Gram" 

Your First and Craziest Granddaughter, 

Gram & Mookie at her 90th Birthday Party
June 5,1997

Mildred L. Howe

June 5, 1907 - August 6, 1998

My Gram died peacefully, at the age of 91, in her home at 11 am, on August 6,1998, in Hudson Falls, New York surrounded by her loving daughter, Janice Howe Hippick and her granddaughter, Michele Wood. 

She was active in civic organizations well into her final years and a fine asset to 
her community. She portrayed powerful, positive energy, wit, and eloquence with words, persistence in making places in our world better, all strengths perceived as ones to emulate. Mildred was the epitome of strength a tribute to our powerful heritage of women who found the need to survive as single woman in a man's controlling world. 

She lived a full life, was an inspiration to all who met her and will be missed but NEVER forgotten. My family is rejoicing with the knowledge that she has joined my Grandpa, among other loved members of our family who are now deceased and whose spirits are now with God in Heaven. 

There is so much more than words can ever express, the most important thing needed to be said is ... 
"We love you, Gram" 

A poem written by my gram to my parents just before I was born.

Jan & Mike

Some day soon we will happily see
The little new babe that is going to be.
How glad we feel, you could not guess,
And surely you are heaven blessed.

God will pattern it lovely and sweet,
With brightest eyes and tiny soft hands and feet.
No matter if it is a girl or boy
It will bring to us all the greatest joy.

Hair jet black, or of golden hue;
Cuddley and soft, reminders of you.
Sweet & gentle it will grow to be:
And so much loved by this family.

From the young grandmother & grandfather
we plan to be

Copyright by barefoot warrior


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