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* * * * * General Primate Care and Info* * * * * 

Zoo & Wild Animal Medicine (Current Therapy 3) (1993)
Murray E. Fowler, DVM
ISBN 0-7216-3667-5

The Primate Care Book - A handbook published by the Simian Society of America 
First Edition - June 1995 Second Edition - October 1997
This is an excellent reference book for the new primate caretaker, as well as the experienced primate keeper, to use as a handy guide. The contents are an invaluable source of information. This book is a must have for anyone even considering adding a primate to their lives. Basic environmental needs and behaviors of various species of primates to medical facts and suggested preventative care are all included in this volume. This second edition has a comprehensible list of additional suggested books to read as well as web sites to visit for further information. You owe it to yourself and a future primate to educate yourself with as much knowledge as possible. The responsibility and commitment to proper caretaking of a primate is enormous. The Primate Care Book is an excellent starting place. Those who already have a primate will find this book to be a great tool as well. Be sure to add this book to your collection today!

Almost Human (1925)
Robert M. Yerkes
The study of a colony of monkeys and apes established by Senoria Rosalia Abreu in Cuba. The psychologist, Robert Yerkes writes about his behavioral studies of these primates.

Primate Behavior - Field Studies of Monkeys and Apes (1965)
Edited by Irven DeVore
Library of Congress Catalog Card 65-02817

The Social Life of Monkeys and Apes (re-issue of 1932 edition)
S. Zuckerman
Major themes are the relationship of physiological mechanisms to sexual and social behavior in primates.

How Monkeys See the World (1990)
Dorothy L.Cheney & Robert M.Seyfarth
The complexity of primate societies (vervets specifically) 
ISBN 0-226-10245-9

Juvenile Primates - Life, History, Development & Behavior (1993)
Michael E. Pereira & Lynn A. Fairbanks
ISBN 0-19-507206-5

Primate Behavior: Information, Social Knowledge & the Evolution of Culture (1993)
Duane Quiatt & Vernon Reynolds
ISBN 0 521 49832 5

Female Choices - Sexual Behavior of Female Primates (1993)
Meredith F. Small
ISBN 0-8014-8305-0

Good Natured - The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals (1996)
Frans DeWaal
ISBN 0-674-35660-8

Man's Poor Relations (1942)
Earnest Hootan
An anthropologist's study of primates, including habitats, descriptions, behaviors, anatomy and more.

Monkey Manual (1968)
Dee Licek
General care of primates in captivity 20 years ago

Monkeys As Pets (1964 third edition - 1951 was first edition)
Leonore Brandt
A former curator of the Cincinnati, Ohio Zoo writes of her experiences with primates in captive conditions.
Library of Congress Catalog Card 56-13106

The Pictorial Guide to the Living Primates (1996)
Noel Rowe
A synopsis of 234 species 
ISBN 0-9648825-1-5

The Multimedia Guide to the Non-Human Primates (1995)
Frances Burton
ISBN (Windows Version) 0-13-2071686-1

David MacDonald

Walker's Primates of the World (1999)
Ronald M. Nowak 
ISBN 0-8018-6251-5

Primates of the World (1992)
Rod & Ken Preston - Mafham
About 60 species & subspecies presented in this book
ISBN 0-7137-21715

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Wildlife - Vol 13 (1988)

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Wildlife - Vol 14 (1988)

All the World's Animals - Primates (1984)
Torstar Books
ISBN 0-920269-74-5

The Natural History of the Primates (1994)
J.R. & P.H Napier
ISBN 0-262-64033-3

* * * * * Great Apes * * * * *


The Great Ape Project - Equality Beyond Humanity (1993)
edited by Paola Cavalieri & Peter Singer
why the Great Apes deserve equal rights
ISBN 0-312-10473-1

Patterns and Injuries & Illness in Great Apes - A Skeletal Analysis (1990)
Nancy C.Lovell
ISBN 0-87474-678-7

Reflections of Eden - My Years With the Orangutans of Borneo (1995)
Birute M.F.Galdikas
20 years of study of orangutans
ISBN 0-316-30181-7

Orangutan Odyssey (1999)
Birute Galdikas and Nancy Briggs
ISBN 0-8109-3694-1

The Red Ape - Orangutans & Human Origins (1987)
Jeffrey H. Schwartz
This anthropology professor studies the striking similarities between humans and orangutans.
ISBN 0-395-38077-0

Next of Kin - What Chimpanzees Have Taught Me About Who We Are (1997)
Roger Fouts with Stephen Tukel Mills
ISBN 0-668-14862-X

Chimpanzee Politics - Power and Sex Among Apes (1989)
Frans DeWaal
ISBN 0-8018-6336-8

The Chimpanzees of the Tai Forest - Behavioral Ecology and Evolution (2000)
Christophe Boesch and Hedwige Boesch-Achermann 
ISBN 0 19 850507 8

Nim (1979)
Herbert S.Terrace
The study of one chimpanzee
ISBN 0-231-06340-7

Lucy - Growing Up Human - A Chimpanzee Daughter in a Psychotherapist's Family 
Maurice K.Temerlin

Eve & The Apes (1988)
Emily Hahn
The author profiles nine women who cared for primates. 
ISBN 1-555-84172-4

The History of Noell's Ark Gorilla Show (1979)
Mae Noell
The experiences of one family who lived with primates and used them in vaudeville shows.

Toto And I - A Gorilla In The Family (1941)
A. Maria Hoyt (Mrs. E. Kenneth Hoyt)
The experiences of a family living with a gorilla in captivity.

The Ape People - Our Nearest Relatives Reveal Man's Secrets and Similarities (1971)
Geoffrey H. Bourne
Director of the Yerkes Primate Center writes of his impressions of the primates he had contact with. 
Library of Congress Catalog Card 77-135-253

The Chimps of Mt. Asserik (1977)
Stella Brewer
The author's life in Gambia rescuing and rehabilitating young chimps to return them to their natural habitat.
ISBN 0-394-49449-6

Gorillas in the Mist (1983)
Dian Fossey
ISBN 0-395-48928

The Year of the Gorilla (1964)
George B.Schaller
ISBN 0-226-73648-2

In the Shadow of Man (1971)
Jane VanLawick - Goodall

Gorilla - Struggle for Survival in the Virungas (1989)
Essay by George B.Schaller
Large book of photos

The Great Apes - Between Two Worlds (National Geographic Society (1983)
Michael Nichols, Jane Goodall, Goerge B.Schaller, Mary Smith
Large book of photos

* * * * * Primates Species Specific * * * * * 

Living New World Monkeys (Platyrrhini) Vol 1 (1977)
Philip Hershkovitz
ISBN 0-226-32788-4

Adaptation and Adaptability of Capuchin Monkeys (1990)
S.Karger (Folia Primatologica)

Bringing Up Ziggy (1999)
Andrea Campbell
ISBN 1-58063-085-5

Man and Monkey (1967)
Leonard Williams
study of wooley monkeys in a captive troop situation

Almost Human - A Journey Into the World of Baboons (1987)
Shirley C.Strum
ISBN 0-394-54724-1

Baboon Mothers and Infants (1980)
Jeanne Altmann
ISBN 0-674-05856-9

Foraging for Survival - Yearling Baboons in Africa (1998) 
Stuart A. Altmann 
ISBN 0-226-01595-5

Faces in the Forest - The Endangered Muriqui Monkeys of Brazil (1992)
Karen B. Strier
ISBN 0-19-506339-2

The Red Colobus Monkey (1975)
Thomas T.Struhsaker
ISBN 0-226-77769-3

The Soul of the Ape (1969)
Eugene Marais
Library of Congress Card 69-15517

The Macaques - Studies in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution (1980)
edited by Donald G.Lindburg, PhD.
ISBN 0-442024817-2

The Monkeys of Arashiyama - Thirty-Five Years of Research in Japan and the West (1991) 
edited by Linda M. Fedigan and Pamela J. Asquith 
ISBN 0-7914-0552-4

Primates of Northeast India (1999)
Arun Srivastava 
ISBN 81-87585-00-5

African Primates (1996)
John F. Oates
Status survey & conservation plan (revised edition)
ISBN 2-8317-0304-2

The Aye- Aye and I (1992)
Gerald Durrell
ISBN 0-671-88439-5

Marmosets In Captivity (1982)
Mike Moore
ISBN 0 946873 95 X

Colobine Monkeys: Their Ecology, Behavior & Evolution (1994)
Ed. by Glyn Davies & John Oates
ISBN 0-521-33153-6

Facial Growth in the Rhesus Monkey - A Longitudinal Cephalometric Study (1992)
Emet D.Schneiderman
ISBN 0-691-08749-0 (cl)

* * * * Primate & Art, Pictorials * * * * * 

In Praise of Primates (1999)
Steve Bloom 
ISBN 3-8290-1556-9

The Love of Monkeys and Apes (1990)
Dan Freeman
ISBN 1 55521 6471

Like Us Primate Portraits (1993) 
Robin Schwartz
ISBN 0-393-31044-2

Monkeys & Apes - A Portrait of the Animal World (1994)
Paul Sterry
ISBN 1 85422 3453

The Monkey in Art (1994) 
Ptolemy Tompkins
Monkeys and apes used as art subjects
ISBN 0-935748-96-2

Monkey Painting (1997) 
Thierry Lenain
Interpretations of artwork done by monkeys and apes.
ISBN 1-86 189-003-6

* * * * General * * * * * 

Walker's Mammals of the World - Fifth Edition (1991)
Ronald M. Nowak 
ISBN 0-8018-3970-X

A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America and Southeast Mexico (1997)
Fiona A. Reid

Rattling the Cage - Towards the Legal Rights of Animals (2000)
Steven M. Wise
ISBN 0-7382-0065-4

The Animal Smugglers (1987)
John Nichol
ISBN 0-8160-1834-0

Measuring and Monitoring Biological Diversity - Standard Methods for Animals (1996)
Ed by Don E.Wilson, F.Russell Cole, James D.Nichols, Rasanayagam Rudran, Mercedes S.Foster
ISBN 1-56098-637-9

Wild Mammals in Captivity - Principles and Techniques (1996)
Ed by Deura G.Kleiman, Mary E.Allen, Katrina V.Thompson, Susan Lumpkin
ISBN 0-226-44003-6

The Behavior Guide To African Mammals: Including Hooved Mammals, Carnivores, Primates (1991)
Richard D. Estes
ISBN 0-520-08085-8

Zoo Book (1994)
Linda Koebner
Large book of photos

Extinct Species of the World (1990)
Jean - Christophe Balouet

Animal Homes & Societies (1991)
Billy Goodman

Tropical Rainforests (1995)
Jean Hamilton
ISBN 0-382-24868-6

The Mighty Rainforest 1990)
John Nichol

America's Rainforest (1991)
Gery Ellis & Karen Kane

Into the Amazon - The Struggle for the Rainforest (1990)
Augusta Dwyer
ISBN 0-87156-6370

* * * * * Light Reading * * * * * 

Jennie (1994)
Douglas Preston
A chimpanzee grows up with a human family
ISBN 0-312-11294-7

The Congo Song (1943)
Stuart Cloete

Lovelock (1994) 
Orson Scott Card & Kathryn H.Kidd
science fiction - great capuchin observation 
ISBN 0-812-51805-5

The Woman & The Ape (1996)
Peter Hoeg
ISBN 0-374-29203-5

Great Apes (1997) 
Will Self
ISBN 0-8021-1617-5

Monkey Shines - An Experiment in Fear (1983)
Michael Stewart 
ISBN 0-394-75926-5

* * * * * Young Adults * * * * * * 

Amazing Monkeys (1991)
Scott Steedman

Summer of the Monkeys (1976)
Wilson Rawls
ISBN 0-533-29818-6

Monkey Trouble (1994) 
Ellen Leroe
ISBN 0-671-88740-8

The Golden Concise Encyclopedia of Mammals (1992)
David Lambert (primates p.20-31)

The Mammals (1963)
Life - Nature Library

* * * * * Children's Books* * * * * 

Great Apes - Explorer Books (1991)
Cathy East Dublowski

Apes - Small World (1979)
Consult. Ed. Henry Pluckrose

The Adventures of Curious George
Margaret & H.A. Rey

Little Gorilla
Ruth Bornstein

Congo - Gorilla Talk
Michael Novak

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Marc Grave

Monkey Tricks
Camilla Ashforth




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