Zoonoses - Comparative chart, compiled using information from the following sources: 


Disease Page # Dogs Cats Birds Primates Farm Animals Reptiles & Fish Rabbits Rodents
Ascariasis                 X
African Trypanosomiasis 84         X      
American Trypanosomiasis 85 X X           X
Amebiasis 86 X     X       X
Ancylostomiasis 98 X X            
Angiostrongyliasis 95           X   X
Anisakiasis 93           X    
Anthrax 24,36         X     X
Arboviruses 56     X X X     X
Ascariasis 106         X      
Babesiosis 81               X
Bacterial Disease   X X            
Balantidiasis 87       X X     X
Bertielliasis 111       X        
Blastomycosis 40 X              
Borreliosis 17 X             X
Brucellosis 3 X       X      
California Encephalitis 69             X X
Campylobacteriosis 20 X X X X X   X X
Capillariasis 99 X X       X    
Capnocytophaga 38 X X            
Cat Scratch Disease 42   X            
Chlamydia psittaci 39   X X   X X X X
Clostridial Infections 37         X      
Colibacillosis 21 X X            
Contagious Ecthyma 51         X      
Cryptosporidiosis 88 X X X X X X X X
Cutaneous Larva 102 X X            
Cystic Hydatid Disease   X              
Cytomegalovirus Disease 75                
Dermatophilosis 29       X X X X  
Dermatophyte Infections 49 X X         X X
Dihyllobothriasis 108 X X       X    
Dipylidiasis (tape worm) 112 X X            
Dirofilaria Infection (heartworm)   X              
Ebola 71       X        
Echinococcosis 112 X X     X      
Ehrlichiosis 45 X     X        
Erysipelothrix 30     X   X X   X
Filariasis 100 X     X        
Flea Infestations   X X            
Giardia lamblia 89 X   X X   X   X
Glanders 31 X X     X      
Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome 60               X
Hemorrhagic fever 66               X
Hepatitus A 74       X        
Herpesvirus 54       X        
Hymenolepsis Diminuta 114               X
Influenza 77     X   X      
Isospora belli                  
Leishmaniasis 90 X              
Leptospirosis 16 X       X     X
Listeriosis 15 X   X   X X X X
Lyme Disease 18 X X     X      
Lymphocutic choriomeningitis 68               X
Marburg Virus 70       X       X
Measles         X        
Melioidosis 31       X X X   X
Migrans (hookworm)   X              
Mite Infestations (Scabies)   X X            
Monkey Pox 52       X        
Mycobacteriosis             X   X
Newcastle Disease 78     X          
Oesophagostomiasis 103       X        
Pasteurellosis 35 X X X   X   X X
Pentostomiasis             X    
Plague (Yersinia pastis) 9 X X     X   X X
Plasmodium 83       X        
Plesiomonas             X    
Q Fever 44 X X X   X      
Rabies 72 X X   X X     X
Rat bite Fever 34               X
Rickerrsialpox 47               X
Ringworm 49 X X     X   X X
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever 46 X           X X
Salmonellosis 4,22 X X X X X X X X
Schistosomiasis 116 X X   X X     X
Shigellosis 6       X        
Sparganosis 109 X X       X    
Sporotrichosis 50 X X     X      
Staphylococcal Food Poisoning 24 X   X   X      
St.Louis Encephalitis 57     X X X     X
Streptobacillary (RFB)                 X
Streptococcosis 33         X      
Stronglyiodiasis 104 X X   X        
Tapeworm                 X
Toxoplasmosis 82 X X   X X   X X
Trichinosis 94 X X     X     X
Trichostrongylosis 105         X      
Tuberculosis 10 X   X X X X    
Tularemia 32 X X     X X X X
Typhus 48               X
Vibriosis 14           X    
Visceral Larva Migrans 101 X X            
Yellow Fever 59                
Yersinia enterocolitica 7 X X     X X X X
Yersinia pseudotuberculosis 7             X X
Total # Zoonoses 
for each Species


Farm Animals
Reptiles& Fish

Food For Thought

The information provided by the medical community clearly shows humans are more at risk of catching diseases from our pet dogs and cats, domestic farm animals, reptiles& fish and rodents; than non-human primates. Only birds and rabbits potentially carry less zoonoses than non-human primates.

Why are non-human primates targeted as being far too dangerous for the private sector due to disease concerns? It might behoove the group advocating against private ownership of non-human primates to start with dogs and then in succession; rodents, farm animals and cats before non-human primates due to zoonotic diseases. I personally know two individuals bitten by their domestic house cats and both individuals went to hospitals to be treated for blood poisoning. One individual was bitten on her ear. Her head swelled up so much due to infection, she almost died. The other woman was bitten on the hand and needed to be given antibiotics intravenously. I watched a news program several years ago that presented a story about a woman pianist who was bitten by her cat. Her infection was so bad, she lost much of the use of her hand. 

If regulation and legislation is to be fair....let's get the facts straight as to the reasoning for it.


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