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It's wonderful!!!!! :) You did a great job on it.


My friends loved my business cards and I gave out two sample portfolios with my business card attached at the writer's conference to editors who expressed interest in articles I pitched to them.
Drue Ramirez


I just received my business cards, designed and printed by our own MW Barefoot Karen, and I have to say I LOVE them. Good price, custom design  (and extreme patience while I changed my mind several times! LOL) and very professional looking. If you are considering buying business cards or other business stationery, etc., I would highly recommend Karen.
Chris Sofge


Just received my second batch of business cards from our very own Barefoot Karen Hawkins. She even designed a logo for my cards (which I LOVE). If you are thinking of getting cards, I would highly recommend  Karen. Her prices are very reasonable, her designs are great and she  doesn't mind working with someone who changes her mind repeatedly!


The beautiful cards arrived today, <zoom, zoom> and were greeted with many ooos and ahhhs. Thank you so much.
Karen Hawkins, does the business cards for our small publishing company. Not only are they of the highest professional quality, it is a pleasure to work with someone who is truly invested in our success.
Karen also does a variety of printed products, her "turn-around" time is mind-boggling, and the personal attention -- "priceless".
All the best,





Graphic art - $75/hour

Return address labels
80 per sheet (1/2" x 1 3/4")
B&W $1.00 per sheet printed out
Color $2.00 per sheet printed out

30 per sheet (1" x 2 5/8")
B&W $1.00 per sheet printed out
Color $2.00 per sheet printed out

Cards with envelopes (color): 50/$12.50 (.25 each)

2 sided brochures
B&W - .45 each
Color - .65 each

Letterhead Stationery:
B&W - .10 each
Color -  .20 each

B&W business cards are $10.00 per hundred plus shipping
Color business cards are $20.00 per hundred plus shipping
(Shipping runs about $2.00 for a couple hundred)

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