(Guttin' Gloves)

Once upon a time, there lived a mighty hunter who foraged the woods regularly for game to feed his large hungry family. He was successful on numerous occasions, much to the delight of his grateful children and wife.

The hunterís only complaint was the long treks home, especially in chilly weather, with uncomfortable soiled hands from dressing out his catch. Large accommodating leaves and babbling streams were not always available to clean his hands.

The hunter knew there had to be an easy solution to his dilemma and discussed the problem with his lifelong companion. With an agile mind and skillful hands she created the item you now hold in your hands. She presented this excellent gift to her devoted hunter who was forever grateful.

Now you too are bestowed with this exceptional article to aid in your procurement of victuals. Luck be with you in your hunt..

Every element of this item is made in the U.S.A. and is designed and manufactured by OFF THE WALL Enterprises in Bridgton, Maine.




Hunter's Handy Hands
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