Once upon a time, there lived a country veterinarian who traveled over Maine's infamous backwoods roads. Along the way, numerous potholes would swallow his extra keys into the bowels of the earth as he hurried to his various destinations. Primitive, weak magnetic key hiders, claiming 
to be reliable, attempted to hold his spare keys to the underside of the vehicle, but to no avail. Upon arriving at his appointed calls he would, all too often, find that he had again locked his keys inside his vehicle. His 
dependable wife would come to the rescue with another set of keys or, worse yet, he would have to summon the local locksmith to aid him 
in his plight.

This disillusioned veterinarian (and his wife) became tired of paying a locksmith as well as being indisposed. A friend, aware of his dilemma, used her quick hands and clever mind to create the item you now hold in your hands.

The Key-Per is an enchanting combination of a super strong magnet proven in the agricultural community and material passing the rugged tests of outdoor use. It has been road tested since 1987 on the most grueling country roads.

"By the way, the original Key-Per is still on the veterinarian's truck!"

Every element of this product is exclusively made in the U.S.A. Key-per was designed and manufactured by OFF THE WALL Enterprises in Bridgton, Maine.


KeyPer $10.95 each
plus shipping


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