barefoot warrior

The bright Sun said goodnight to the warm land. The singing birds all hushed their songs. The creatures in the fields scurried to their homes. They knew darkness was coming soon. Mothers called their children in from play. Night was coming. The pale white Moon peeked out. 

"Is it time for me yet?" Moon asked, of no one in particular. Slowly Moon rose in the sky. The creatures of the night waited patiently for their time too. A mother called to her man and said to him. "It is my time, dear," as she rubbed her big belly and walked slowly to the door. 

"Shall we go now, or wait a little while?" replied her man, the father of the baby waiting for his time to come. 

"I think we should go now, the time is early but, I feel this baby wanting to see us sooner than later," she spoke softly to her man. 

"We must travel to the doctor now, gather up my bag and we must hurry. The time is growing closer, too fast. Get the boy and we must go now." 

The man and woman, with their boy, quickly gathered up the things they needed and walked to their car. 

Pale Moon had risen higher in the sky. Moon watched the family as they made ready to leave. Moon smiled. Tonight would be a very special night. A very important event was to happen and Moon did not want to miss it. The pale white color Moon started out with, grew brighter as Moon smiled. And the more Moon smiled, the brighter Moon became. Moon was so happy to be part of this special night, he lit up the entire sky with his beaming. 

"I am part of a very special night," Moon said to anyone who would listen. The clouds knew to drift away so Moon could see even better. The wind grew quiet so Moon could hear as well. The creatures in their homes settled down for the wait. Time, was it time yet? A hush came over the land and Moon lit the way proudly for the woman and her man, with their one boy, to drive to the doctor. 

They arrived safely at the hospital and the woman got out with the boy first. The man drove the car to the parking lot, got out and went to meet the woman and boy. They walked into the hospital together. 

"I think it is my time," said the woman to a nurse. "Please call my doctor." 

"It is not your time yet," said the nurse. 

"Please, call the doctor," the woman replied. "I can feel this baby wanting to see the earth and the sky early." 

"Come this way and we will see," said the nurse. 

Moon watched and laughed with delight. Moon knew, the woman knew and the waiting baby knew. It was his time! 

The doctor arrived and said to the woman, 

"You are too early. It is not time." 

The woman replied, "Doctor, I know it is time for this baby to see the earth, and the sky." 

The doctor shook his head with wonder. 

"How can this woman know more than me?" he thought. 

Moon shone in the window of the room onto the woman. We know it is time, Moon thought. We know! 

Soon Earth trembled and Sky took a deep breath. The woman held tight to her manís hand and PUSHED. 

As she pushed, she sang, 

"Time, time, time, It is my time. 
Baby, little baby, It is your time too 
shine on me, It is your time.
Time, time, time, 
For a baby brand new." 

When the song was over, the woman smiled. Moon shone brighter and the man and the boy were happy. Moon lit up the room as bright as Sun. They all looked at the new baby, born early. He was a fine baby, glowing and healthy. Moon began to grow dimmer as Sun asked permission to see as well. 

The birds began to sing a song welcoming the new baby into the new day. The clouds drifted lazily back into the sky. They too wanted to see this new baby. The creatures began to stir, yawning and rubbing the sleep from their eyes. They all listened. In the distance they heard the cries of a new baby, calling to its mother. Telling the woman he was hungry and wanting to be fed. The woman smiled at her man, and her two boys. Moon silently slipped away, glad he was part of this new babyís life. 

The woman looked at her man and said, "I think we should honor this special birth by naming our new baby after Moon, who lit our way." 

The father agreed and from that day forward the new baby was called, Early Moon. 

And as Moon heard this he smiled and shone brighter than ever, knowing he would always guide Early Moon where ever he went, and protect him as he traveled his path to knowledge. 






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