The Touch Of A Man 

I want you, I need you, I love who you are 
I always will love you, no matter how far 
The pummeling ocean may keep us apart 
The pulls of our people prevent our depart 

Your words touch my mind, as skin touches skin 
Yet I long for the touch of a man from within 
The gentle caresses, the lingering kiss 
Brushing my tresses, are feelings I miss 

I search for another, day after day 
There must be one other, I continually pray 
That touches my psyche, as deep as the sky 
Yet again and again as I fail, I will cry 

I cry silent tears, no one ever knows 
Where my head wanders, where my heart goes 
The glistening glow of an ember inside 
Makes me too vulnerable, from others must it hide 

My body is yearning for skin upon skin 
My heart is pounding, blood rushing in 
To keep me sustained, as I search all the land 
To satisfy my desire for the touch of a man 

You called me one evening, I knew not what to say 
Who would have known fate was working that day 
It started as banter, joking and fun 
It grew in complexity, when will it be done? 

The days grew to weeks, the weeks into time 
The words ever changing, turning reason into rhyme 
The longer I know you, the less that I know 
My diligent search, from the seeds that I sow 

Has begun to elude me,the questions abound 
Others I speak with, others I've found 
Dim in comparison to the words that we share 
Try as I might my soul for to bare 

None other can see to the depths of my soul 
As you, My Dear James, so easily go 
I've opened my heart, and opened my mind 
Nothing repels, matters not what you find 

The ecstasy you bring with your words to my soul 
Unlimitless pleasure must be the goal 
Yet lacking a bit, as the distance we stand 
Keeps me from feeling the touch of a man 

And as I keep searching, my quest unfulfilled 
To find yet another to make my heart still 
I pause and I wonder, should another be found 
What thoughts will pulse thru you, deep and profound 

If another should satisfy the quest I began 
To hold me and stroke me with the touch of a man 
I fear with my soul, should that occur 
You and I , what we have, would be lost in a blur 

You know who I am, you know and still care 
Deep deep dark secrets, the words that we share 
Another may touch me, skin against skin 
But deep in my soul, I won't let them in 

I pray for the day, this life or another 
That you and I couple, unlike sister and brother 
Others may touch me, maybe they can 
But it is you that I long for, to be my touch of a man 

Firm steady pressure upon my warm skin 
Seeking my soul, trying to get in 
My body seeks pleasure as skin touches skin 
As your body lowers, mine rises from within 

The touch of our hair, the touch of our skin 
Seeks to find pleasure from without and within 
Warm to the touch, hot to behold 
Forgive me, Dear Love, for being so bold 

You sought for a fancy, I became your release 
The power that grows cannot be decreased 
We searched for a need, we found a fine friend 
The feelings we share, nothing or no one can end 

I ache for your touch, the touch of a man 
I will wait for release from someone who can 
Allow me the desire of soul-loving you 
And be, with me, contented to let me love two 

For no matter what comes, whatever may be 
There'll be always connection between you and me 
Pleasure may come from wherever it can 
But always, Dear Love, you're my "touch of a man" 

You are gracious to let me love who you are 
Sharing your innermost soul from afar 
I daily give thanks for blessings from thee 
My angels responsible for drawing you directly to me 

So as I release these words from my soul 
I again ask forgiveness for being so bold 
I want you, I need you, I love who you are 
I love you, Dear Love, if only from afar 

As I continue my journey burdened with strife 
Filled with the trials and tribulations of life 
I go where I go, and I do what I can 
And pray everyday for the touch of a man. 

Copyright by barefoot warrior


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